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Yangshuo Park Hotel is located in Yangshuo Natural Scenic Area. The park is famous for Du Xiufeng, Xilang Mountain, Bilian Cave, Laixian Cave, etc., with lush bamboo and fresh air. The hotel is close to Xilang Mountain, Yulong River rafting, tourist parking lot, bus station, Xie Sanjie beer and fish restaurant old shop, etc. It is only 10 minutes from West Street.

Yangshuo Park Hotel is built by famous designers, and the design concept combines nature and fashion. The hotel rooms are well-equipped and elegant.

The hotel restaurant has special boxes, halls, and multi-functional halls in a comfortable environment; it offers local traditional dishes and local North Guangxi dishes. The hotel also has a large conference hall that can accommodate 700 people, a multifunctional conference hall, and 18 conference rooms equipped with professional equipment such as high-end audio, microphones, multimedia projectors, mobile curtains.

Yangshuo Park Hotel is an ideal station for your business trip with its high-quality rooms and professional business equipment.